60 Seconds Strategy

60 Seconds trading is one of the fastest ways to trade and make money online. You can trade on very small price movements and still win a trade even with a difference of just 1pip. In 60 seconds, you can make more money than some people make in a month. This advantage of making money quickly is attractive to many traders. The fear, the adrenaline and the pressure, amongst other things, has always been motivating the thrill seekers. And no, it is not gambling. You need proper market analysis in order to succeed with 60 Seconds trading.

The Grail Indicators for 60 Seconds trades where specially made for fast trading. They include both a reversal strategy and a trend following strategy. Both strategies are simple to use. You only place a Buy or Sell trade, depending on the signal you received.
The above pictures showareversal strategy for 60 seconds trades. With this indicator, when a blue or red “butterfly” appears, it means there’s a possibility of getting a trading signal, so you should get ready. And when you receive an alert for a buy or sell trade, you should enter the trade immediately. This strategy works extremely well on low volume markets, especially during the US and Asian session. It is a very consistent and reliable strategy.

The other 60seconds trade Indicator is a trend following one.
With this indicator, you only take a trade if the previous candle is having a “Star” on it. So if you receive a sell signal, you will look to the previous candle if it is having a red “Star” before entering the trade.This strategy works on all timeframes. For example if placed on 5minute charts, you can take its signals and enter 2 minute expiries. And also, this strategy gives very accurate results on Renko charts.

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