Money Management and Psychology in Binary Options

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Too many people treat Binary Options trading like gambling and take risks that end up blowing their account. Never, ever try to recover a loss by making a huge wild trade. Ok, sometimes it will work but eventually, it is certain to empty your account. Never be unwilling to simply stop trading and accept a loss for a da. The rule is to preserve our capital and live to trade another…

With a minimum options price (trade) of $24 and a minimum deposit of $250, you are right on the limit with these figures. A far better minimum capital is $500 to trade $25 a time. In fact, you could safely trade $30 with $500 capital. The rule is 5% of your capital is safe and 10% is the limit.

My experience in the binary options trading world, has made me to realize the fact that most people have subconscious self-destruct urges and trading binary options provides an easy outlet for these! That is why most people would still lose money even given a 100% profitable trading system.

So, it is extremely important to adopt the right frame of mind when trading and resist any urges to depart from your system, place random trades, increase your stake, try desperately to recover losses or take any unnecessary risks.


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