Trend Reversal Strategy

With this system, we use the Center of Gravity Indicator, coupled with the vintage oscillator, to give either buy or sell signals. Thus this strategy mostly gives signals when markets reach the extremes.

This trading system lets you take long term trades. It is a very good strategy for both forex and binary options, and it works on All timeframes

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12 thoughts on “Trend Reversal Strategy

  1. Eric

    Hi Support Team, I have been using the Trend Reversal Indicator now for around 4 weeks and the results have been amazing. I was just wondering if it is possible to purchase this indicator in isolation and if so how much would it be? I was looking at purchasing an additional 3 licences.

    Kind regards


  2. Paul Smit

    Good day
    Your trend reversal strategy, is more to my kind of trading.
    I am also an existing client, i have purchased the Grail indicator.
    Is this Trend reversal a seperate system?