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How to create your own binary options trading strategy?

This is the prime question for every enthusiast. How do I create my own strategy? Well, each trader usually comes up with a unique trading strategy, but they all follow the same steps along the way. First, you’ll need a software to provide live data feed. There are many free softwares with MT4 being the most popular. Once you’ve installed your Mt4, then you can start the process.

First step, you’ll need to load onto the charts the various native indicators of platform, from trend indicators to the oscilators. If you are a novice, I know this will be confusing and overwhelming. Load each and every indicator on your chart and just watch them for a while.

What are we looking? We are looking for buy and sell opportunities. The tricky part is to learn how to read these indicators properly. To create a trading strategy, you’ll first need to understand that there are basically 3main kinds of strategies; the trend, reversal and a combination of both.